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Sherri Fowler

Manage Social Media For Societies

Manage Social Media For Societies

  • Social Media Management is for every type of Society; including Genealogy Society, Historical Society and others!
  • Social Media will reach a much larger platform than a brick-and-mortar building. Social media can be used to increase sales. It can also be used to create interest in any type of business; even a nonprofit one, such as a Historical Society.
  • If the public knows what you have to offer, whether it's to view or to purchase, they're more likely to want to participate in your brick-and-mortar business, such as plan a trip to visit.
  • Management is available for every Social Media platform, profile, or channel.
  • Management includes custom content calendars each month.
  • Management includes creation of 4 graphics each month.
  • Management includes repurposing of existing content from client's social media and/or website along with marketing materials each month.
  • Management includes sharing of articles from news outlets that align with client's business, county/state/national board, accreditation board, etc. each month.
  • Automation of social media content for publishing at best times for each platform.
  • Management includes posting one time per day from Sunday through Saturday.
  • Management includes responding to fans in a timely manner.
  • Management also includes promoting posts to reach targeted audience.
  • Management also includes creating surveys, give-a-ways along with cross-promoting posts; if available.
  • Management includes review of performance reports each month.
  • Service does not include the purchase of software / programs.
  • Service requires a consultation and a signed contract prior to the start of each client's project. The consultation will allow me to better understand the client's specific business need. The contract will be a receipt of service for the client. It will outline the service being provided, the cost, the start date & end date. Copies of contracts should be provided to client's accountant for tax time.


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