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Sherri Fowler



  • Document Scanning is available for every type of Small Business.
  • Document scanning services that are available for purchase through this link are based on my providing scanning services from my home office.
  • Document scanning services for me to be on-site / on-location at a Small Business, Historical Society, Genealogy Society, Nonprofit, Cemetery, etc. would require a CONSULTATION in order for me to provide an exact price for the service.
  • Document scanning can go directly into a software and/or program.
  • Tagging documents/records while they're being scanned into a software and/or program is possible in order to make them searchable.
  • Document scanning is ideal to keep the integrity of current records and to keep them for events, such as an IRS audit.
  • Document scanning is ideal to keep the integrity of historical records and to preserve them.
  • Document scanning can be a one-time project or on an as-needed basis.
  • Service can also be a recurring project; on a weekly, monthly, etc. basis.
  • Service does not include the purchase of software/programs.
  • Service requires a consultation and a signed contract prior to the start of each client's project; whether the service is going to be on-site/on-location or being done at my home office. The consultation will allow me to better understand the client's business needs. The contract will be a receipt of service for the client. It will outline the service being provided, the cost, the start date & end date. Copies of contracts should be provided to the client's accountant for tax time.

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