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Sherri Fowler

Create Website For Freelancers

Create Website For Freelancers

  • Websites are a must for every type of Small Business Owner these days; whether the business is a for-profit, nonprofit, or if it sells a service or a product.
  • Freelancer websites are a must for displaying details about the business, the business owner, the services that are provided, as well as, scheduling information and contact information.
  • Websites can be one page to multiple pages.
  • Website design will be SEO optimized.
  • Websites can be set up to connect a CRM, project management system, business scheduler, or electronic newsletter up to it in order to stay in touch with existing clients, as well as, new customers.
  • Websites can be set up with a blog page.
  • Websites can be set up with affiliate programs if monetizing the site is of interest.
  • Websites can be set up to purchase services or products if that is of interest.
  • Website design does not include hosting, domain name, plugins and/or purchase of brand of website; such as 1ShoppingCart, Wix, WordPress, GoDaddy, Square, etc.
  • Service requires a consultation and a signed contract prior to the start of each client's project. The consultation will allow me to better understand the client's specific business need. The contract will be a receipt of service for the client. It will outline the service being provided, the cost, the start date & end date. Copies of contracts should be provided to the client's accountant for tax time.


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