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Sherri Fowler

Beta Reading Services

Beta Reading Services

  • Beta Reading services are provided specifically designed for authors, bloggers, literary agents, writers, book publishers, etc.
  • Beta reading is available in finished or unfinished form.
  • My beta reading service can provide insight on plot, character development, grammar, theme, marketability and overall enjoyment.
  • You will receive targeted feedback from an enthusiastic reader.
  • As an experienced beta reader with a love for reading since childhood and a passion for blogging I understand what makes good copy.
  • Beta reading will be complete within three working weeks of receiving your writing; whether that's in the beginning stage of your writing, at the end before publication or anywhere in between.
  • Service does not include the purchase of business software / programs.
  • Service requires a consultation and a signed contract prior to the start of each client's project. The consultation will allow me to better understand the client's specific business need. The contract will be a receipt of service for the client. It will outline the service being provided, the cost, the start date & end date. Copies of contracts should be provided to client's accountant for tax time.


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