What is an Online Business Manager, an OBM?

Online Business Management Services (OBM). I help entrepreneurs start their business. I help existing business owners optimize their current business and set it up for growth & expansion. I help manage daily tasks. I help manage monthly or special projects. I help implement & track budgets. I help implement & track business statistics. I help analyze profit/loss statements & make projections. I help business owners determine what makes them money & what improvements can be made in order to expand their bottom line. I am an extension of the business owner and will immerse myself in the owner’s mission, goals and end-vision for their business.

OBM's are utilized by existing business owners through management, strategy and implementation. They're considered more of an extension of the business owner because they will immerse themselves in the owner's mission, goals and end vision for the company. OBM's are leaders, strategic thinkers and impact drivers.

An OBM can manage a business through business management; managing day to day tasks, projects, metrics or operations for a business.

An OBM can manage a business through project management; guiding a project from beginning to end and include tracking and budgeting procedures.

An OBM can manage a business through metrics management; analysis, statistics, projections, research, to determine if existing services or products and new products or services are money-makers and will improve a businesses bottom line.

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