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Product Reviews:
  • I conduct product reviews when products or samples are provided by the sponsor. I prefer reviewing business products that will benefit my clientele or the services I can provide them. Business products for small businesses, freelancers, or products for clients; such as, software, office organization tools or business apps.

Partnership Opportunities:

  • I welcome opportunities to build strategic partnerships and collaborate with other small businesses, marketing agencies along with nonprofits. 

Community Involvement:

  • I consider every opportunity for community involvement; whether it’s participating within any level of Adams County, Ohio to participating in an organization within the United States. Feel free to contact me about similar opportunities: (1) Belong as a member, (2) Participate in a leadership role, (3) Serve on a board.


  • I absolutely sponsor podcasts and radio shows that will benefit my clientele. Examples of podcasts or radio shows that I would be interested in sponsoring are focused on: (a) Faith, (b) Business growth, (c) Business sustainability, (d) Market research, (e) Blogging, (f) Freelance writing, (g) Ghostwriting benefits, (h) Saving our cemeteries, (i) Genealogy, (j) Family history.


  • I love any opportunity to talk about the workshops and services I provide to individuals, existing business owners, and business owners in-the-making. I also love any opportunity to talk about my passions in life. Contact me about interviews for: (a) Magazines, (b) Newspapers, (c) Radio, (d) Podcasts, (e) Webinars.

Cross Promotion:

  • I wholeheartedly believe in cross promotion and opportunities to expand brand awareness. One of the ways I welcome those opportunities is through blog posts.

Official bio:

Since 1991, has created successful businesses for entrepreneurs, helped existing business owners become sustainable and assisted business owners in preparing for retirement.

Along with genealogy services and a personal finance workshop, Sherri Fowler-Smith offers a variety of unique services and workshops for small business owners. 

Sherri believes small business is the foundation for most communities and the best way to keep them thriving from generation to generation is to provide them with the tools and support that are necessary to stay current with technology while continually reaching their target audience in the way that audience wants to be reached.

Where others see chaos and stress, Sherri Fowler-Smith sees an opportunity to problem solve, create organization, systemize workflows and simplify a client’s life. Since 1991 Sherri has been passionate about serving her clients and that dedication has earned her their repeat business along with decades of referrals.

 Sherri Fowler-Smith, Small Business Consultant, Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, located in Adams County, Ohio.