How do we get started working together?

Most services and workshops are available to purchase through my website.

Even though a service or workshop can be purchased through my site, a CONSULTATION will likely be required.

A consultation allows us one-on-one time to fully discuss your needs, whether in business, with genealogy or on a personal level.

Consult Forms are required a full 24 hours prior to a consultation call. Your responses within the Consult Forms contain information that will help me be able to provide you with better quality of service. I also continue making notes on those forms while we are on our Consultation call.

Some services and workshops require a Consultation call BEFORE AN ESTIMATE can be provided and payment can be accepted. Those services will clearly state to REQUEST A CONSULTATION prior to an estimate being given so you can locate them easily.

For those services, I'll provide you with an estimate after our Consultation Call. Once you agree to the estimate, I will provide you with a contract. The contact is to be kept as receipt for services and should be given to your tax preparer.

My services are provided as a business expense, so please be sure to ask your tax preparer about ways in which you will be able to use them on your tax return.

Even the services and workshops that can be purchased directly require a contract to be signed prior to the start of any project.

Every contract will outline the service being provided; even if it's a workshop, the cost, the start date + end date.

Don't forget to write down all of your questions prior to our Consultation call so that I can be sure to answer them all for you.

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