FAQ - What industries do you work with?

What industries do you work with?

I work with business owners in a variety of industries, but just to name a few:  economic development, orthotic & prosthetic, food|food service, mortgage|title|finance, lawn care|snow removal, home building|remodeling, real estate brokerages|agents, real estate investors, property managers, real estate publications, business owners of natural products|homeopathic providers, architects, contractors|builders, event coordinators|venues, fitness facilities, and pet care providers.

I work with entrepreneurs with various home-based business owners:  writers|authors|bloggers, freelancers of all types, photographers, direct sales, homesteaders that make natural products to sell + raise animals and/or process meat, artisans that design products to sell, as well as, instructors of self-defense and those that sell self-defense products.

I work with nonprofits with a focus on crimes against humanity and America, homeless shelters, as well as, genealogy societies.