FAQ - How do we get started working together?

How do we get started working together?

To get started, click on the service that best fits your individual or business needs. Once there, click on the link to fill out a questionnaire which will help me determine how I can provide the best service possible to you, as an individual, or as a business owner. Once you've filled out the questionnaire you will be asked to schedule an appointment that best works into your busy schedule. During our appointment we will discuss services that I can provide to you, as an individual or as a business owner. That strategy session will lead to signing a contract which will spell-out the exact services that will be provided to you; services such as, business services, business workshops, finance workshops for individuals or genealogy services for individuals. Once the contract is signed and the service is paid for, I will begin your project without delay. Estimates are provided for every project; whether we've worked together in the past or not. Projects can be a one-time service, a per-project service or a recurring service that occurs each work day, each week, biweekly, monthly, etc.