Do you offer a referral program?

Absolutely! My referral program is a great way to give someone the ‘gift of time’ and receive credit by doing it. 

Clients have previously referred business associates, friends, family members, nonprofits and small business owners. 

The terms and conditions that apply are: 

  • Referral must be a new client to Sherri Fowler, LLC.
  • Referral cannot be an existing client with Sherri Fowler, LLC.
  • A contracted service must be provided and completed by Sherri Fowler, LLC, plus paid in full by the referred customer.
  • A credit of $30.00 to the existing client’s account, that is making the referral, will be applied to the next contracted service or monthly project; whichever comes first. 
  • Credit cannot be reused. 
  • New credits will apply with each new referral to Sherri Fowler, LLC that is a new client.
  • There’s not a limit to referrals that can be given to Sherri Fowler, LLC therefore there’s not a limit to number of $30.00 credits that can be given to existing clients for each referral.

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