Collection: #SaveOurCemeteries Merchandise

Our history is on full display within our Nation through the historical artifacts scattered across our cemeteries.

We owe those in our cemeteries the respect they deserve by preserving their memorials. The oldest monuments you’ll find on display in our cemeteries have withstood both time and weather. Not every monument has been so fortunate, especially the wooden markers that were made during the formative years of our Nation. 

If your local cemetery has broken monuments, gravestones that are leaning, have shifted or are laying on the ground, please contact your Township Trustee and let them know about it.

If your local Cemetery Board, Cemetery Manager, or Township Trustee needs recommendations on who to contract with for cemetery preservation, ask them to contact me.

Spread awareness and show solidarity with our Save Our Cemeteries Series by Smith Ridge Farm. Together we can #SaveOurCemeteries and #SaveOurHistory. 


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My inventory of family educational products along with non-lethal, self-defense products are by Damsel in Defense.

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