Collection: Genealogy & Historical Society Services

Genealogy & Historical Society business services:

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  • Business services for genealogy societies.
  • Business services for historical societies.
  • On-site document scanning to digitize records to ensure integrity of data for generations to come.
  • Transcription and data entry of digitized records into document or database software for record integrity.
  • Create searchable documents for access of data.
  • Update existing or outdated software program that's currently being used for document storage and recording of historical information.
  • Transcribing of hard to read documents.
  • Genealogy research for recording of information to be accurate.
  • Create print and digital publications to sale to the public.
  • Create and manage social media presence or update existing social media platforms on as-needed basis.
  • In-person interviews of residents with knowledge of historical happenings within the community.