Why I Moved My Business Website From WordPress to Shopify.

Why I Moved My Business Website From WordPress to Shopify.

This year, as some of you may have noticed, I moved my business website from WordPress to Shopify.

I’ve used WordPress for more than 15 years on a variety of my business websites, as well as, client sites. WordPress has many great features that I love and it wasn’t a simple decision to move away from WordPress.

As the years passed, I added more graphics, products, services and pages to my WordPress websites. The more I added the longer it took the website to load pages, process images, and accept payments from customers. Depending on what you use your WordPress website for, it can require a number of Plugins. Unfortunately, those plugins can cause loading issues for your website.

Moving from one website platform to another isn’t simple. It demands a lot of hours and a lot of decisions that can’t be rushed.

As an example, I had over 30 years of blog posts. Obviously, not all of them were relevant anymore, so it was not a problem to archive some of them. However, copying the last year of blog posts from WordPress and pasting them into Shopify would’ve taken more time than I felt it was worth. So, I decided to start from scratch because it seemed to be the best resolution that would wind up consuming the least amount of my time.

To be honest, moving from one website platform to another felt like it took longer than just starting a new website from scratch. What did I want to keep? What did I want to repurpose? What did I want to do away with completely? Did I want to stay with the same color scheme?

There are always a lot of questions when setting up a new website. There’s always a lot of creativity that goes into the layout, the color scheme, the font details, the content.

I’m writing this to say, before making a decision about a website platform, consider where you want your website to be in 15 or more years.

For me, I’ve got my 15 year plan mapped out. Switching to Shopify was an excellent decision for my business, but it was a decision I didn’t take lightly. Shopify will take me through more than the 15 years I’ve planned.

What’s your long-term plan for your website?

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