Three Questions I'm Always Asked About Self-Defense Products:

Three Questions I'm Always Asked About Self-Defense Products:

I get asked often “why do I sell non-lethal, self-defense products by Damsel in Defense”. My answer is always the same because I answer truthfully each time.

I sell Damsel in Defense because they’re the best products I’ve found on the market. And, over the last decade, I’ve tested almost every product out there that’s produced by other brands.

I’m not saying the other brands don’t have something about them that I like. What I am saying is that overall, Damsel does an incredible job with producing easy-to-use non-lethal products for any woman, no matter what size their hand is, how tall they are or what they do for a living or for fun.

“What do I recommend” is the second most asked question customers ask me regarding self-defense tools. There isn’t a way to recommend one product for every person. One product doesn’t fit every person’s lifestyle or their needs.

The third question I get asked most often is “where should I carry a self-defense item if I need to grab it quickly”.

So, let me try and break down some of the reasons I recommend certain products based on the reasons I’ve given past customers. Hopefully this may provide some helpful tips to new customers who aren’t sure what to purchase.

And, most importantly, let me explain that if you don’t keep your self-defense products in your hand while you’re walking to and from ‘absolutely anywhere’ then you need to have them close enough at-hand to be able to grab them quickly and to be ready to use them even quicker. And, yes, you should also keep them close at hand while you’re at home.

When someone is attempting to harm you, it’s not normally a spur of the moment thing for them. An attacker plans their attacks and looks for the easiest person to overthrow while getting in their car. Just as a robber plans their attack on your home.

Keeping your self-defense tools in your hand or nearby ‘on-the-ready’ takes the advantage away from a would-be attacker. An attacker wants to surprise you. We need to keep them from surprising us. We don’t need to be easily overthrown or easily surprised.

So, let’s cover some scenarios in hopes that they offer some tips.

If a customer is active outdoors; whether they’re at sporting events with their kids, meeting friends for an exercise class, with a spouse for a meal or walking alone in the park for exercise, I always recommend several products for customers to choose from.

When at a sporting event with kids, I recommend Pepper Slay Pepper Spray because it is small enough to fit in the pocket of any clothing; shirt, shorts, jeans, jacket, etc. It’s also easy to clip onto a key ring so that everything can stay together. You’ll be ready for any attempt at harming you or your children with a quick grab of your keys. The Pepper Slay Pepper Spray will work on persons under the influence of drugs, it has a UV dye so the person attempting to hurt you can be easily identified by authorities. It’s the hottest pepper spray on the market and shoots 16 foot; if needed.

When out meeting friends for an exercise class, I recommend Hear A Pin Drop personal alarm along with a Sock It To Me striking tool. Both items are easily clipped onto a key ring so they can stay together for quick access if the need arises. Hear A Pin Drop is an extremely high pitched personal alarm that will allow you to alert others that there’s someone attempting to harm you. Once you pull the alarm down it will stay down until you pull it back up to shut it off. A Sock It To Me Striking Tool is meant to harm someone who’s attempting to harm you, but it’s not meant to be lethal. The pointed part of the Striking Tool can puncture ear drums and damage eyes; if needed. The pointed part should also be used on the soft parts of skin, such as the throat, near the collar bone and the hands. The opposite end of the Striking Tool is flat and should be used on any muscle or tendon. The Striking Tool is also meant to be used inside a curled hand to create bulk when throwing a punch. Again, the Striking Tool is meant to cause distance between you and an attacker, it’s not mean to be lethal. There are multiple widths made for the Striking Tool because not everyone has the same width of hand.

When with a spouse for a meal or out for the evening to a special event, I recommend the Emergency Necklaces; there are two variations depending on preference. The Pearl of Wisdom is on a silver chain and omits a 130 decibel sound when you blow through the end of it. Just like the Hear A Pin Drop, it is meant to draw attention from others that there’s someone attempting to harm you. It’s cleverly disguised, light weight and the ideal self-defense product to wear with dress clothes. The Leaf Me Alone does the exact same thing as the Pearl of Wisdom but is made of stainless steel and brass. So, it really is up to preference on which Personal Alarm to choose from. My other choice to keep in your handbag while out for the evening with a spouse is the Get A Grip Stun Gun. It’s light in weight with an ergonomic grip and a LED flashlight between the stun gun forks. The Get A Grip has been an all-time favorite of customers since I’ve been selling Damsel in Defense. When used, the Get A Grip Stun Gun will leave plenty of room between you and an attacker so you can quickly get away and contact authorities.

When exercising alone; whether you’re walking around the neighborhood, in the local park or walking through the streets of your town, I recommend the ARMee Band Hands Free Protection Sleeves. They are made in several sizes and colors. The most important part about them, however, is that they are meant to carry your self-defense products, keys and cell phone. Along with your keys and cell phone, I recommend carrying a Little Ringer Stun Gun and a Striking Tool. Both items will easily stay inside your ARMee Band so you can be fully protected and hands-free. Both items will be easy for you to grab and use; if the need arises.

I hope you found this helpful. And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

My hope is to provide non-lethal, self-defense products to every person in the event they may need to use them. But my prayer is that they will never have the need to use any product I’ve sold them.

If you’ve ever reviewed the statistics, just within Ohio, for attacks on women, the numbers are absolutely staggering. The statistics are high for rape, for abductions, for cars stolen and for home invasions.

Not everyone is comfortable around lethal weapons. Not everyone can afford one nor use one as effectively as is needed to stay safe. And, there's places that we all go that do not allow conceal carry or open carry. The solution? Non-lethal, self-defense products. They're inexpensive, the carry well, everyone can feel safe with them and everyone can use one well enough to put distance between themself and an attacker.

Please join the movement with me friends. Together, we can change our statistics and #LiveSafeOhio.

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