Small Business Consultant

Small Business Consultant

Hi, I'm Sherri. I'm a Small Business Consultant located in Adams County, Ohio. I've been specializing in behind-the-scenes support services for small business owners nationwide since 1991.

My education is in accounting, business, finance, real estate and creative writing.  My career choices, creativity, plus my love for numbers, data, research and writing are what make me unique to freelancing.

My passion for entrepreneurship, organization, problem solving, business systems and workflows have helped me serve my clients well while also building a sustainable business that’s been full of long-term clients for over 30 years.

There are several benefits to small business owners when they hire me.

  1. Every service I provide is on an as-needed basis. The benefit to that is that business owners only pay for the service they need; when they need it.
  2. Business owners hire me as an independent contractor. The benefit to that is that when business owners pay me they don’t pay me as an employee; which means there’s no payroll taxes, paid days off, or benefits package.
  3. I’m a home-based business. The benefit to that is that my overhead is low; which in turn is the reason I’m able to keep my prices low.

All of the above, of course, has not only been a way to benefit my clients, but has also been a way to support myself and my family for over three decades.

Over the years I’ve had thousands of initial conversations with clients that have all been very similar; they thought they were too small of a business to be able to afford to hire an assistant.  Yet, they were also struggling to do EVERY THING themselves.

That’s where I come in.  Supporting small business owners is the reason I began my business.  My desire to help them hasn’t changed in over thirty years.  My support services allow the small business owner to focus on the most important tasks of any business, the ones that produce revenue.

The below list is an example of services that most small business owners request:

  • Blog creation + management; includes SEO optimization
  • Bookkeeping services + setup; includes invoicing, sales & expense reports, inventory & product reports
  • Business program setup + organization; includes export + import info if updating to a new system
  • Business planning + projections; includes analysis of data for products + services along with expenses
  • Business workflow creation; includes setup of automations for “next steps” after customer contact; can be variety of forms filled out, payments collected, receipts emailed, order placed in queue for creation of product or shipping of product, service scheduled & order placed in queue for service to be performed, etc.
  • Contact & Database management; includes export + import info if updating to a new system
  • Create photo slides + videos
  • Create transcripts from owner’s notes, zoom meetings, audio recordings, podcasts, etc.
  • Design printable products; training manuals, customer forms to fill-out, employee manuals, etc.
  • Email integrations to retain existing customers + bring in new ones
  • Graphic + meme creation
  • Manage affiliate programs; create multiple sources of income
  • Online course management + setup
  • Product + Service launches; includes marketing & inventory management
  • Repurpose content
  • Sales management; can include packaging of products, inventory management, postal drop-offs & tracking information emailed to customer
  • Social media management; can include guiding customers to product or service info, etc.
  • Website creation + management; includes SEO + keywords to reach target audience
  • Website + Social Media audits to determine traffic, SEO + keywords
The following list is an example of writing services that are most requested:
  • Article writing, research + interviews; long form content for newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Content writing; long form content to build relationships: blogs, courses, eNewsletters, websites, etc.
  • Copywriting; short content to increase sales or lead generation: sales funnels, social media ads, etc.
  • Create marketing materials; to educate target audience: brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.
  • Create products to sell; eBooks, courses, templates, etc.
  • Editing your content; focus on clarifying sentence structure to flow well + make easy to read
  • Ghostwriting, research + interviews; can be for blogs, articles, online + print books, published books, etc.
  • Proofreading your content; focus on grammar mistakes, punctuation, spelling, etc.
Along with the above, I offer services that are specific to the needs of: The one-on-one workshops I created over 10 years ago for business owners + owners-in-the-making have been very successful.  Those workshops are:
  • Business building workshops; cover topics from starting your business to making it sustainable
  • Mentorship building workshops; cover topics from business strategizing, brainstorming + succession planning
  • VIP day workshops; cover topics for all things that need to be dealt with quickly & within the day
  • Finance workshops; one for individual finance + one for business finance

If you could use an assistant to provide behind-the-scenes business services to you, now or in the future, I hope you’ll consider me.  I truly appreciate your time today!

At your service...

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