Sherri Smith provides small business consulting from her home-based business in Adams County, Ohio. Providing behind-the-scenes business support services since 1991.

Sherri Fowler-Smith

Hi, my name is Sherri Smith and I appreciate your stopping by my website.

Along with business services and workshops for Small Business Owners, I offer a variety of unique services for individuals.


Small business is the foundation for most communities. The best way to keep them thriving for generations is to provide them with the tools and support necessary to stay current with technology while continually reaching their target audience in the way that audience wants to be reached.


Where business owners see chaos and stress, I see an opportunity to problem solve, create organization, systemize workflows, and simplify a client’s life.

Since 1991 I've been passionate about serving my clients and that dedication has earned me their repeat business and decades of referrals.

I've helped entrepreneurs start their businesses. I've helped existing business owners create products, organizational workflows and update their systems in order to create sustainability for their businesses for future generations. I've helped others transition from business owners into retirement while selling their businesses. Each owner has always been unique in their vision for their business.


If you have a project that you could use my help with, I would be honored to provide you with a customized estimate. I look forward to hearing about your business & working together on a one-time project, a recurring project, or an as-needed basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Services may require a consultation to allow us to discuss your specific business need along with allow me to create an exact estimate.


Business Services For Small Business Owners

    Business services are for every type of Small Business. Businesses that:
    • Provide a Service.  Sell a Product.  Are For-Profit.  Are Nonprofit.  Are Online Only.  Have a Brick-and-Mortar.  Are Home-Based.  And many others.

    Small Businesses can be Freelancers, such as:

    • Authors.  Bloggers.  Business Coaches.  Life Coaches.  Literary Agents.  Book Publishers.  Editors.  Proofreaders.  Writers.  Photographers.  Artists.  Massage Therapists.  Hair Stylists.  And many others.

      Small Businesses can be Cemeteries, such as:

      • Cemetery Owners.  Cemetery Managers.  Private Cemeteries.  Public Cemeteries.  Active Cemeteries.  Inactive Cemeteries.  Cemeteries Managed by Townships, Cities, Villages, Municipalities, Cemetery Boards.  And many others.

        Small Businesses can be Nonprofits, such as:

        • Genealogy Societies.  Historical Societies.  Women's Shelters.  Men's Shelters.  Children's Homes.  Trauma Centers.  And many others.
          Services require a consultation and a signed contract prior to the start of each client's project. The consultation will allow me to better understand the client's specific business needs. The contract will be a receipt of service for the client. It will outline the service being provided, the cost, the start date & end date. Copies of contracts should be provided to the client's accountant for tax time.

            Business Templates For Small Businesses

            • Downloads require a Canva account to be customized.
            • Click HERE to set up your FREE Canva account.
            • Templates are ideal for Small Business Owners because they can be used repeatedly when needed and customized quickly.
            • They are used with every type of small business; whether they provide a service or sell a product. It doesn't matter if the small business is a for-profit or a nonprofit.
            • These templates are customizable.
            • Once purchase is made, you will be emailed the Canva link for your template.
            • Business templates are perfect for attracting new clients or touching base with existing ones.
            • Templates are ideal for saving time because they won't require creating a new marketing piece each time you need one.
            • Don't have the time to customize these? No worries, I can create customized Marketing Materials for your specific business needs.
            • Click HERE to go to SMALL BUSINESS SERVICES to purchase.

            Business Forms For Small Businesses

            • Business ledgers and forms are ideal for Small Business Owners; whether they are for-profit or a nonprofit and whether they provide a service or sell a product.
            • Once purchase is made, I will email you the downloadable product.
            • Downloads are in a PDF format.
            • Ledgers and forms can be purchased as seen and used repeatedly by you, as needed.
            • You can customize ledgers and forms once you've purchased them; if needed.
            • Don't have the time to customize these? No worries, I can create a customized Ledger, form or template for your specific business needs.
            • Click HERE to go to SMALL BUSINESS SERVICES to purchase.

            Business Workshops For Small Business Owners

            • Workshops for Small Business Owners are perfect to schedule exclusive one-on-one time into any busy day.
            • Workshops are ideal for every type of Small Business Owner; whether they provide a service, sell a product, or are for-profit or nonprofit.
            • Workshops will take place over Zoom unless the client prefers over the phone.
            • Workshops require a consultation and a signed contract prior to the start of each client's project. The consultation will allow me to better understand the client's specific business need. The contract will be a receipt of service for the client. It will outline the workshop being provided, the cost, the start date & end date. Copies of contracts should be provided to client's accountant for tax time.

            Genealogy Services For The Public

            • Genealogy services are available for research of ancestors + records within Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
            • Genealogy services require a consultation and a signed contract prior to the start of each client's project. The consultation will allow me to better understand the client's specific needs. The contract will be a receipt of service for the client. It will outline the service being provided, the cost, the start date & end date. Copies of contracts should be provided to the client's accountant for tax time.

            #LiveSafeOhio Self-Defense Products

            Live Safe Ohio is a movement to empower women and children with the knowledge and tools on how to stay safe.

            My inventory of family educational products along with non-lethal, self-defense products are by Damsel in Defense.

            I believe that together we can #LiveSafeOhio and change our trafficking statistics.

            Smith Ridge Farm

            #SmithRidgeFarm was established in 2020 and is family-owned and operated in Peebles. Peebles is located in Adams County, Ohio which is in the foothills of the Appalachia.

            Not only do we grow heirloom herbs and vegetables from seed, but we sell them during our 6a Growing Season. When they're not in season, we sell them through canned preserves and dried herbs. We also sell homemade treats and merchandise; such as, hats, t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, sweatshirts, totes and stickers.

            You don't have to be local to purchase form our farm, we offer shipping.

            #SpreadAwareness with our Save Our Cemeteries Series.  Together we can #SaveOurHistory by preserving every monument in our Great Nation.  Join us to #SaveOurCemeteries.

            #Spread Awareness with our Spirit of America Series. Together we can #FightForAmerica and be part of the #SpiritOfAmerica stories passed on for generations.

            Christian Courses

            Christian Courses are based on my salvation and personal relationship with Christ.

            My courses are ideal for those who are saved by the blood of Jesus, or are interested in learning about being Born-Again. 

            Media Inquiries

            • Product reviews.
            • Guest post for your blog.
            • Guest on your Podcast or Radio Show.
            • Guest on your Rumble or YouTube Channel.
            • Interview for Magazine or Newspaper Article or Blog post.
            • Partnership opportunities.
            • Affiliate or Brand Ambassador opportunities.
            • Cross Promotion opportunities.
            • Community involvement opportunities.
            • Sponsorship opportunities.
            INQUIRE HERE

            Gift Card

            Gift Cards are ideal, any time of year, to give the Gift of Time and Gift of Knowledge.

            Gift Cards can be used for my Services, Courses and Workshops.

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            Answers to My Most Frequently Asked Questions

            LET'S GET STARTED

            Most services and workshops are available to purchase through my website.

            Even though a service or workshop can be purchased through my site, a CONSULTATION will likely be required.

            A consultation allows us one-on-one time to fully discuss your needs, whether in business, with genealogy or on a personal level.

            Once you've reached out to me by scheduling a CONSULTATION or sending me a message through my CONTACT ME link, I will respond to you within 24 hours. That does not include weekends or Holidays.

            When I respond, I will send you a consultation form to fill out. Your responses to the consultation form will help me be able to provide you with better quality of service. I also continue making notes on those forms while we are on our Zoom or phone call.

            Consultation forms are required to be returned back to me a full 24 hours prior to a Zoom or phone call.

            Some services and workshops require a Consultation call BEFORE AN ESTIMATE can be provided and payment can be accepted. Those services will clearly state to REQUEST A CONSULTATION prior to an estimate being given so you can locate them easily.

            For those services, I'll provide you with an estimate after our Consultation Call. Once you agree to the estimate, I will provide you with a contract. The contact is to be kept as receipt for services and should be given to your tax preparer.

            My services are provided as a business expense, so please be sure to ask your tax preparer about ways in which you will be able to use them on your tax return.

            Even the services and workshops that can be purchased directly require a contract to be signed prior to the start of any project.

            Every contract will outline the service being provided; even if it's a workshop, the cost, the start date + end date.

            Don't forget to write down all of your questions prior to our Consultation call so that I can be sure to answer them all for you.

             Click HERE to learn more about me.


            I appreciate your finding me on the web. This is the place you’ll get to know about my background and why my God-given gifts have helped me create resolutions for my clients for over 30 years.

            My name is Sherri Smith and I founded in 1991.


            What are the benefits of hiring Sherri Smith?

            My education is in accounting, business, finance, real estate and creative writing.  My career choices, creativity, plus my love for numbers, data, research and writing are what make me unique to freelancing.

            My passion for entrepreneurship, organization, problem solving, business systems and workflows have helped me serve my clients well while also building a sustainable business that’s been full of long-term clients for over 30 years.

            There are several benefits to small business owners when they hire me.

            1. Every service I provide is on an as-needed basis. The benefit to that is that business owners only pay for the service they need; when they need it.
            2. Business owners hire me as an independent contractor. The benefit to that is that when business owners pay me they don’t pay me as an employee; which means there’s no payroll taxes, paid days off, or benefits package.
            3. I’m a home-based business. The benefit to that is that my overhead is low; which in turn is the reason I’m able to keep my prices low.

            All of the above, of course, has not only been a way to benefit my clients, but has also been a way to support myself and my family for over three decades.

            Over the years I’ve had thousands of initial conversations with clients that have all been very similar; they thought they were too small of a business to be able to afford to hire an assistant. Yet, they were also struggling to do EVERY THING themselves. 

            That’s where I come in. Supporting small business owners is the reason I began my business. My desire to help them hasn’t changed in over thirty years. My support services allow the small business owner to focus on the most important tasks of any business, the ones that produce revenue.

            I hope you allow me to share my knowledge, skills, techniques and creativity with you so we can take your dream of entrepreneurship and build an amazing and sustainable business for you.


            Fun fact:  At age 33 I rededicated my life to Christ by asking him back into my heart. After a rebellious stint God again gave me Grace. #JesusIsKing


            How got its start.

            When I created this venture, it was as a side business in order to create documents, patient forms, marketing materials and perform ghostwriting services for Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio.

            My entrepreneur bug, however, began years prior to starting


            What is Sherri Fowler, LLC?

            Sherri Fowler, LLC is a combination of Smith Ridge Farm and Smith Ridge Farm is located in Adams County, Ohio and is not only a Farm that sells products, but it’s also where my family and I call home.

   is a home-based business, located on our Farm, and it provides small business owners with behind-the-scenes support services.

            Back in 1991, when I began, it was somewhat rare to have a home-based business that provided support services. In those days, our finished work was delivered by courier if the business was local or by postal delivery if it wasn’t. There was also phone and in-person conversations compared to email.

            Technology has changed all of those old ways of providing support services. Now we can provide a wider array of services to business owners and provide them more efficiently. Whatever can be accomplished inside a brick-and-mortar business office can also be accomplished inside a home-based business….and no one can tell the difference.

            While I’ve sold other businesses, Sherri Fowler, LLC remains the one I continue to pour my passion into.

            It’s a combination of things that I enjoy; such as, data, business, analytics, research & fact-finding, organization, technology, history and opportunities to freelance. It’s also allowed the opportunity for our family business to develop, which is Smith Ridge Farm.

            Sherri Fowler, LLC also combines my love for Jesus, my fight to protect the victims of crimes against humanity and my admiration for all of those who desire to be a business owner.

            I’m in my happy place when I get to find opportunities to combine my skills, knowledge, and experience with my passion of helping others build and sustain their businesses. 


            The career choices and education that makes me unique to provide behind-the-scenes business services:

            My background in the Credit Bureau included:

            • Reporting Analyst
            • Project Management
            • Data Specialist
            • Customer Interviews

            My background in the Surveying & Engineering industry included:

            • Title Research
            • Plat Map Research
            • Deed Transfer Research
            • Deed Restriction Research
            • Will and Probate Research

            My background in Accounting included:

            • Investor Accounting Specialist
            • Investment Analyst
            • Researcher
            • Client Interviews

            My background in the Medical field included:

            • Orthotics & Prosthetics
            • Research
            • Bookkeeping
            • Business Analyst
            • Billing Specialist
            • Marketing Coordinator
            • Data Analyst
            • Office Management

            My background in the Real Estate industry included:

            • Leasing Specialist
            • Multi-Award Winning Realtor®
            • New Agent Trainer
            • International Broker Data Analyst
            • Real Estate Investor
            • Business Projections
            • Profit & Loss Analyst
            • Landlord
            • Investment Property Management
            • Flipper
            • Marketing 
            • Researcher

            My love for family history took me into the Genealogy field and included:

            • Historic and Period Research
            • Lineage Research
            • Archival and Record Research
            • Cemetery Research
            • Mapping and Recording Research
            • Interviews


            OFFICE HOURS

            I appreciate your stopping by and learning about the services I provide.

            Click HERE to Contact Me for general inquiries.

            Click HERE to schedule a 60-minute Consultation.

            Office details:

            • Located in Adams County, Ohio
            • Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm
            • Business hours are Eastern Standard Time
            • Initial Consultations are scheduled for 60-minutes.
            • For services and workshops that require additional work time together, those appointment times will be schedule before the initial consultation ends.

            I observe the following Holidays:

            • New Year's Day
            • Good Friday
            • Memorial Day
            • Independence Day
            • Labor Day
            • Thanksgiving day
            • Day after Thanksgiving
            • Christmas Eve
            • Christmas Day
            • New Year's Eve

            Learn more about me by clicking HERE.

            Example of Small Business Owners I've Worked With

            I work with business owners in a variety of industries, but just to name a few: 
            • economic development business owners
            • orthotic & prosthetic facilities
            • food & food service industry
            • mortgage, title & finance industry
            • lawn care and snow removal owners
            • home building and remodeling contractors
            • real estate brokerages
            • real estate agents
            • real estate investors
            • property managers
            • real estate publications
            • business owners of natural products
            • homeopathic providers
            • physical therapists
            • rehab and extended care facilities
            • home health providers
            • architects
            • commercial and residential builders
            • event coordinators
            • event venues
            • fitness facilities
            • pet care providers
            • physicians
            • chiropractors
            • traveling nurses
            • and so many more

            I work with entrepreneurs with various home-based businesses as well; for example: 

            • writers / authors
            • bloggers
            • photographers
            • campground owners
            • direct sales representatives
            • homesteaders 
            • meat processors
            • homeschool groups
            • etsy shop creatives
            • artists of many types
            • woolen textile mill
            • artisans of many types
            • private investigators
            • self-defense instructors
            • and many more

            I work with nonprofits as well; for example:

            • women's shelters
            • men's shelters
            • genealogy societies
            • historical societies
            • child protective businesses

            Learn more about me by clicking HERE.

            Yes, I Offer On-site + Virtual Services

            If you’re in Ohio, Kentucky or West Virginia, I offer on-site support. Even if your business is within those states, I also offer online or virtual support services. For businesses outside of the tri-state area, I only offer virtual support services.

            Business today doesn’t always take place in a brick-and-mortar location. It can take place in your car, in your home-office, and even on your smartphone. Using me as your virtual support system increases the tools at your disposal, the people available to help you consistently…which, of course, all increases your productivity and your businesses bottom line. Virtual support systems are the best and least expensive way to capitalize on productivity, manage your business and achieve your goals…without the cost of a full-time employee that is paid a benefit package.

            I am not a full-time employee that you’ll pay a benefit package to. I work as an independent contractor, which means, your accountant will be provided a copy of my tax id number so they can issue a 1099 for tax filing purposes. And, yes, you can claim my services to you or your business on your taxes. You’ll need to talk to your accountant for the specifics of your tax filing process.

            There are ZERO hidden fees when working with me. You won’t pay me a salary. You won’t pay me through payroll; which means no federal, state, local or unemployment taxes. You won’t pay me for vacation time or sick time. You won’t pay me a retirement or insurance package. You won’t pay me a sign-on bonus.

            When a client signs my estimate for each project; that is the cost. The only thing that would change that is if the client makes a change to the project or if there are traveling costs involved with a client's project. And, if that happens, I will send an addendum to the contract to either reduce the contracted price for the project, or increase it; depending on the change the client requests.

            Click HERE to learn more about me.

            Yes, I Require a Contract

            Yes, I do require a contract. It not only helps me stay on track with our goals, but it also provides a step-by-step guide to you of what we are going to accomplish together and the timeline we will get it accomplished within. An estimate is provided each time we work on a project together and a contract is signed each time as well.


            Learn more about me by clicking HERE.

            What Form of Payment is Accepted

            Most services and workshops are available for direct purchase from my website and payment with credit card is accepted.
            If I provide you with an estimate for services or workshops that are not available for direct purchase from my website, I will provide you with a link to pay by credit card or ACH transfer.

            Confidentiality With EVERY Client

            Absolutely! I never mention clients I ghostwrite for. When I promote content I have ghostwritten, I always promote it with the client attributed as the author. You gain full usage and rights to the content I develop once you have paid for it in full.

            ALL of my services are confidential. In the contract that I sign for each client project, there is a non-disclosure agreement. It doesn't matter what type of service I provide to my's confidential.

            Click HERE to learn more about me.

            Client's Intellectual Property

            I understand that trust is THE most important factor in any relationship, including a business one. Therefore,I go above and beyond to make sure your intellectual property is safe. My contract with each client includes a confidentiality and non-compete agreement. You won’t see or hear me discussing any client or their project without written approval from them for me to do so. My business success directly depends on my client’s success. For me to be able to provide service to my clients since 1991, I feel confident in my ability to keep my client’s intellectual property secure.

            Will I be Updated About My Project

            Absolutely! Depending on the scope of the project, updates can range from daily to monthly. Updates will be discussed during your discovery call and will be included as part of my client onboarding process.

            Yes, I Accept Recurring Projects

            Of course! No two businesses are alike, so project needs can vary. We can discuss all of that during our discovery call. That way I can give you an accurate estimate and carve out the time needed on my schedule for each monthly, quarterly or recurring time-frame you need.

            Yes, I Accept Rush Projects

            Projects on a tight deadline can be typically be completed within 24-72 hours; depending on the scope. Rush projects will include an additional fee equaling 30% of the original cost of the project. If a rush project requires working through the weekend or a holiday, there will be an additional fee equaling 50% of the original cost of the project.

            Details About My Gift Cards

            Of course! Gift cards can be a great way to give someone the ‘gift of time’.

            Gift cards have been given to entrepreneurs, business associates, family members & friends who want to start a business, and yes, even to existing clients who already have a business, but need a helping hand for a large project. 

            How does this work:

            • Once a gift card is purchased, I will reach out to you + the gift card recipient to let you know the gift card is ready to be used. 
            • I’ll setup an initial consultation for the recipient of the gift card. 
            • Once an estimate is approved and a contract signed, the amount due will be taken from the gift card amount that was purchased. If there's an additional amount due, an additional gift card can be purchased, the customer may also pay for the additional amount themselves. If there is any credit remaining on the gift card, it can be used toward the gift recipient's future services or the purchaser's future services.
            • Gift cards can be purchased for new customers or existing clients.
            • Gift cards can be used for new contracted orders or can be purchased if there is a balance due on an open order. 
            • Gift cards can only be used for contracted services with Sherri Fowler, LLC.
            • Gift cards can only be applied toward contracted services between recipient and Sherri Fowler, LLC.
            • Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. 
            • Gift cards cannot be used in conjunction with any affiliate or third-party promotions available on
            • Gift cards cannot be refunded; they can only be used for services provided by Sherri Fowler, LLC.

            Details About My Referral Program

            Absolutely! My referral program is a great way to give someone the ‘gift of time’ and receive credit by doing it. 

            Clients have previously referred business associates, friends, family members, nonprofits and small business owners. 

            The terms and conditions that apply are: 

            • Referral must be a new client to Sherri Fowler, LLC.
            • Referral cannot be an existing client with Sherri Fowler, LLC.
            • A contracted service must be provided and completed by Sherri Fowler, LLC, plus paid in full by the referred customer.
            • A credit of $30.00 to the existing client’s account, that is making the referral, will be applied to the next contracted service or monthly project; whichever comes first. 
            • Credit cannot be reused. 
            • New credits will apply with each new referral to Sherri Fowler, LLC that is a new client.
            • There’s not a limit to referrals that can be given to Sherri Fowler, LLC therefore there’s not a limit to number of $30.00 credits that can be given to existing clients for each referral.

            Learn more about me by clicking HERE.

            Yes, I Can Provide Blogging Services

            You can supply the topics and outlines or I can suggest topics that will resonate well with your target audience. We can also do a combination of both. One option that has always worked well with my clients is for me to interview the client. From that perspective, I get first-hand topics that the client would like to cover. It also allows for inside knowledge from the client that is specifically unique to them. From there, I can tap into those interviews, further my research, and be able to create content from the client’s unique perspective. Every client is unique and there are NO two businesses alike; even if businesses provide the same service or product, because the owners of those businesses aren’t alike. It’s perspective!

            My Cancellation Policy

            If a client terminates a project, prior to the start date, the client agrees to pay a kill-fee of $300.
            If the kill-fee is less than the initial payment the client made, the client will receive a refund for the excess amount.

            If a client terminates or reschedules a Consultation less than 24 hours before the Consultation is to begin, there will be a fee of $15.

            What is an Online Business Manager; an OBM

            Online Business Management Services (OBM). I help entrepreneurs start their business. I help existing business owners optimize their current business and set it up for growth & expansion. I help manage daily tasks. I help manage monthly or special projects. I help implement & track budgets. I help implement & track business statistics. I help analyze profit/loss statements & make projections. I help business owners determine what makes them money & what improvements can be made in order to expand their bottom line. I am an extension of the business owner and will immerse myself in the owner’s mission, goals and end-vision for their business.

            OBM's are utilized by existing business owners through management, strategy and implementation. They're considered more of an extension of the business owner because they will immerse themselves in the owner's mission, goals and end vision for the company. OBM's are leaders, strategic thinkers and impact drivers.

            An OBM can manage a business through business management; managing day to day tasks, projects, metrics or operations for a business.

            An OBM can manage a business through project management; guiding a project from beginning to end and include tracking and budgeting procedures.

            An OBM can manage a business through metrics management; analysis, statistics, projections, research, to determine if existing services or products and new products or services are money-makers and will improve a businesses bottom line.

            Learn more about me by clicking HERE.

            What is a Virtual Assistant; a VA

            Virtual Assistance Services (VA). I help create tasks & projects that a business owner or their team doesn’t have time to do. I help organize those tasks or projects by priority in order to accomplish them for the business owner or their team. I help automate tasks & projects into an optimum workflow for the business owner or their team. I assist business owners, or their team members, through accomplishing tasks for them on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. I also assist with projects in the same manner; daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

            VA’s are utilized by new and existing business owners due to their skill-set of organizing, creating, and automating. They assist the business owner, or one of their team members, through delegable tasks | projects that need to be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. VA’s are operational experts and stay up-to-date on all the new technologies and techniques available for businesses to automate and thrive.

            A VA can support businesses through Creating; creates the tasks or projects that a business owner or their team member doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to do.

            A VA can support businesses through Organizing; organizes tasks or projects by priority in order to accomplish them for the business owner or their team member.

            A VA can support businesses through Automating; automates tasks or projects into a comprehensive workflow in order to get them accomplished by the owner or team member’s deadline.

            Learn more about me by clicking HERE.

            Yes, You Can Repurpose The Content You Purchase

            Yes, absolutely! You can offer content I create to be re-published on other sites. Also, I often suggest that clients take in-depth blog posts or a series of shorter blog posts and repackage them as eBooks, whitepapers, and lead magnets.

            Yes, You Should Have a Content Marketing Plan

            Content marketing should be a part of your long-term online marketing strategy. However, I do not require clients to make a long-term commitment. I do offer discounts for clients who purchase a batch of posts, but I also offer services for a one-time project, as well as, services on an as-needed basis.

            Primary Method to Communicate With Clients

            My primary method of communication is email. I have found over the years that it’s a better fit for my clients to stay in-touch that way because email allows my clients to access our joint communications, whenever it’s convenient for them to do so. The last thing I want to do is add more to my client’s to-do list. However, I am happy to utilize all aspects of communication if a client would prefer to stay in-touch in any other way.

            How Do Projects Get Managed

            I use every tool I mention in my blog. I use project management software that schedules every single project from start to finish.  During my daily tasks, I use a project management software to stay on track within each project. Each project is broken down into incremental tasks with deadlines for those tasks to be completed. I operate my business no differently than any other business. Every detail needs to be setup as a task with each task having a deadline to meet.

            How is Pricing Determined

            Each project has a minimum threshold, but the price can increase depending on the scope. Project price is determined by a number of factors; such as, complexity, the amount of research or time required for setting up business programs, deadline, frequency, and/or word count if this is a content writing project, etc. All projects start with a quote, so you can determine if my pricing aligns with your budget. If a client changes the terms during the project, there may be an increase in the project cost. For example; if a project is requested to be completed by the 15th of the month, but the client determines that the project needs to be completed sooner than that; there will likely be an increase in the project cost which would be different than the initial quote.

            Difference Between Copywriting + Content Writing

            My copywriting is a delivery of words made by strategy that results in an action being taken by the reader; such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter and/or sharing content. It’s perfect for websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures, ads, etc.

            My content marketing is a delivery of words to create a connection with the reader and invoke feelings through storytelling. It’s perfect for engaging an audience, positioning a business or business owner as an industry leader and growing their audience.

            Even if copywriting, content writing or long form writing for blog posts is new to you, we can cover all of the options while we strategize during our initial discovery call about your project.

            Click HERE to learn more about me.

            My Revision Policy

            All projects include 2 revisions. Additional revisions can be requested, however there will be an additional charge for each revision. If revision requests aren’t received within 5 business days of project submission to client, it will be assumed the project is satisfactory and no revisions are necessary. Additional fees may apply if revisions are requested once the 5-day window has closed.

            Yes, I Can Ghostwrite Your Book

            The short answer is YES!

            What would be the cost to ghostwrite my book?

            The price for book projects can range depending on the scope of the project and the services you need included. Multiple book orders and simplified, unformatted books will be on the lower end, while individual book projects requiring phone interviews, formatting for CreateSpace, sidebars, call-out boxes and other features will be on the higher end. I will be able to give you an estimate after our 60-minute discovery call.

            Do I have to pay for the book up front?

            A 25% deposit is required before service begins. Smaller increments are due when each section of the book is completed and turned in. Estimates are provided after our discovery call.

            Benefits of an Author Byline

            A great reason to allow a freelance writer to have an author byline for the content they create is because many freelance writers are well known and have built a strong authority. That means they have a large audience to promote content to and their content will boost the overall authority of your blog.

            The flip side of that is, if you have a ghostwriter to create content that you can place your name upon, it gives you the chance to become well known and build a strong authority in your industry.

            Click HERE to learn more about me.

            Difference Between Freelance Writing + Guest Blogging

            With a freelance writer, you can have full control over topics, voice, self-promotion, and the revision process. When I freelance write for you as a ghostwriter or in long form blog posts, you are in control over all the specifics so your business brand stays consistent.

            Guest bloggers will expect to have more freedom with the content they create. Guest bloggers make posts for free, for the opportunity to promote their own website or business.

            Click HERE to learn more about me.

            No Refund Policy

            All sales are final for digital download products. There are no refunds for digital downloads because the products are immediately available to customers and ready for immediate use.

            All sales are final for inventory products when they are on sale.

            Please review the refund policy for merchandise that is purchased through a third-party; such as Printify and Shopify.

            Please review the refund policy for services, workshops, and courses that are under contract.

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